'Use external info' feature.

Let me explain what it's using pictures:


All sites here running on the other scripts (not Proton).

Step 1. A surfer goes from site A to B.
Step 2. The surfer goes from site B to C
Step 3. Script of site C 'doesn't know' that surfer already visited site A and send the surfer to site A again.


The sites B and C running on Proton, site A - other script.

Step 1. The same.
Step 2. Script of site B (Proton) send this surfer to site C and inform of all visited by this surfer sites (will be informed that site A visited also).
Step 3. Script of site C 'know' now, that this surfer already visited site A and send this surfer to another site! Looks good? I hope. In result we get more 'external' productivity (surfers don't visit same sites twice) and get more hits back from our trades.

Note for Proton users: this feature is optionally, but turned on by default. If you decide to turn it off, then go to 'Settings -> Out Settings -> Use external' user info and remove checkbox. Additionally, you are able to turn off this feature for each trade separately in the trade's individual settings.

 Visited domains will be delivered using method GET, on the end of URL, like The more sites using this feature, the more benefits from it. Therefore I'm going to contact other script developers and share this technology (how to use and how to encode domain names).